We won’t reveal for you the mystery by claiming that the lovers often use tender words from the songs… Mostly about eternal and true Love… And the idea of gifts with the lyrics from song inside exist as much time as Love itself. We lyricsdecided to create the collection of the most popular gift ideas of all times that can help you express the feeling when you cannot catch it inside. Read on.

A Personalized Lyrics Cushion Cover

Your beloved person will remember you even in the sleep time! An exclusive pillow cover with the words of love is able to express the most beautiful feelings. The personalized lyrics cushion cover is a perfect gift – nothing is more personal than a song for the person you cannot live without. There are several options about the gift, since you are able to put the words from your wedding vows or the song of your first date on the pillow. Make this cushion a perfect anniversary or wedding gift!

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